Antibot Manager – Bot Detector

Antibot Manager – Bot Detector

Antibot Manager


We are representing you our latest Antibot Manager also known as Bot Detector .With the AntiBot Manager web app, you can take full control of your url’s security and safeguard it against unwanted bot traffic. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your online presence is protected while providing a smooth user experience for your legitimate visitors.

Features :

  • Unwanted Device blocking
  • Custom proxy and Vpn blocking
  • Specific country and Ip blocking
  • Unwanted browser blocking
  • Add custom redirect



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Gmail Cookies Grab Page

Gmail Cookies Grab Page

Gmail Cookies Grab Page – Bypass 2FA Security

We are proudly presenting Gmail Cookies Grab Page to bypass 2fa and authentication app security very easily . Our script will help you to get access to any account without being detected by google .

No need to use any extension or separate tools , you will just use our own page loader to load the saved cookies . All you need to do is download cookies once saved  and load in loader and run it. The rest is done automatically.

Main Key Features about page :

  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Longer Cookies session times
  • Send request for 2fa or authentication app automatically
  • Panel to watch over logs and everything
  • Grabs cookies from all kind of browsers
  • Very Fast Cookies loader
  • 24/7 support team for any kind of help or guide



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Yahoo cookies grab page

Yahoo Cookies Grab Page

Yahoo Cookies Grab Script

Get ready for the strong , fud and latest Yahoo Cookies Grab page with 100% feedback from clients as well.

We are offering fud link service for Full month with yahoo cookies grab page as well.

Our Page Features :

Longer Cookies sessions

Well-Formatted Content That Isn’t Easy to Scan

Fast Load Times

All Device responsive

Inbox Delivery

100% Results

and anti-bot also working with it.


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super email verifier

Super Email Verifier 2022

Super Email Validator

Bounce back emails can be annoying, but with our email verifier, you can make sure your messages are delivered to recipients.
This can be useful for businesses who want to make sure that their customers’ email addresses are valid, or for individuals who want to make sure that they are sending emails to valid addresses.
Super Email verifier software can also help to avoid bounces, which can occur when an email is sent to an invalid address.

This is how verifier checks each email address :

  • Webmail Email Addresses
  • Presence of SMTP Server
  • Disposable Email Address
  • Free mail check
  • SMTP authentication (email address ping)
  • Catch-all domain check
  • Presence of MX Records
  • Domain existence check
  • Gibberish check
  • Syntax check


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Email To SMS Sender – [ Send SMS with SMTP ]

Email to SMS sender

All new Email to sms sender is now available with efficient working and fast delivery . By using this sms sender now you can send sms with smtp .

This Tool is the best Solution For SMS Spamming.


Features :

– You Can Send SMS from SMTP’s
– Allows Multiple SMTP Use
– Auto Rotates SMTP
– SMS Sending Limit Depends on SMTP Limit
– Only Sending on Valid Numbers
– Strong Number Checking API
– Phone Number Generator
– Generate Number According to Country
– Generate Your SMS Leads For Spamming
– HLR  Look UP
– HLR Lookup Bulk in next Update
– Verizon Number Checker
– Other Carrier Checker in Next Update

Email to sms sender Email to sms sender Email to sms sender

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URL Redirect generator

Redirect Generator Software – URL Shortner

URL Redirect Generator


Make and use your redirect for url’s with our new Redirect Generator Software . No need to separately use redirect scripts now . With URL Redirect Generator you can automatically get your redirected short links now .


Features :

  • Redirect Generator Software
  • Antibot Redirect link
  • Base64 encoded redirect link
  • Double Redirect
  • Magic Link redirect
  • Fud link redirect
  • Protect your fudlink
  • How to redirect a url

redirect generator software redirect generator software redirect generator software

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Office365 Blazing Fast Sender

Office365 Blazing Fast inbox Sender


  • Advance Automated Office365 box to box sender
  • Fast Email sender
  • Add mailing lists
  • Add Office365 Logs
  • professional one with no subscription needed
  • It’s easier, safer, and cost-effective
  • bulk emails reach every intended recipient
  • Sending via API ( not SMTP )
  • HTML / Text Supported
  • High Inbox rate
  • Customer Support



Antibot Tool New Version Update

Antibot Tool New Version Update


  • Advance Method Add
  • Bot Manager
  • View download and Links
  • Live Page Statistics of your bot Links
  • Visitor Bots Ip address type details
  • Create your Antibot Shortlink
  • Add Advance antibots to make Fud links Reliable and long time
  • Antibot Short link is a secure method to protect your fud links
  • Customer Support